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Student Applications

Identifying the qualities that represent the right “fit” is a highly collaborative process requiring thoughtful consideration of shared values, opportunities, expectations, and resources. We identify with your interest in securing articles with the firm that best fulfills your long-term career objectives, because it is as vital to our future as it is to yours.

We do not seek any particular “type” of individual; rather, we recognize and value the distinct qualities that each individual contributes to our unique culture. We aim to employ highly motivated individuals with a record of personal achievement and a strong desire for success in their legal career and we invest significant effort in attracting law students who have the intention, and the potential, to remain with us long after their call.
Qualification is determined by many different factors, but we generally favour individuals who demonstrate a balanced approach to their academic, professional, and personal lives.

Of course, law school marks factor into our assessment. But, while low academic standing does cause concern, and high marks may win a candidate an interview, experience suggests that the great majority of applicants fall within a range of academic standing that shifts the emphasis to the remainder of their application.

How to Apply

Farris is currently accepting applications for 2019 Summer Student Positions.

Click this link to apply:  2019 Summer Student Application

If you have any follow-up questions regarding your application, please email Andrew Botz.

Written Applications

Although we make every effort to interview as many candidates as possible, we do receive applications from far more law students than is practical for us to interview. So, your written application is important in securing an interview.

We wish to receive short, informative applications that tell us what you have accomplished; special achievements or skills; a particular interest or other reasons, if any, you may have for applying to us. Your application should include:

  • Cover letter
  • Resume
  • Copies of official transcripts of law school & undergraduate grades (or proof of accreditation if you studied law at a university outside of Canada)
  • Reference letters (These letters are optional. However, if they are available, we encourage you to include them.)


We want you to be successful in your interview. Therefore, we strive to make interviews relaxed and enjoyable, ensuring there is ample opportunity for open discussion. You should feel free to ask questions and discuss any matter of interest to you. Of course, interview styles vary among the lawyers who conduct them, and in some instances, candidates may have the opportunity to meet with or interview several members of the law firm. Please let us know if you wish to meet with a student or a lawyer in a particular area of practice. We are flexible, and want every candidate we interview to feel they have had a fair opportunity to meet us and to get to know us better during the interview process.

Deadlines and Interview Dates

Articling Law Students

The annual deadline for submission of articling applications is June 30th. Articling interviews are conducted annually in August during the Interview Week set by the Vancouver Bar Association.
Most written applications are received from students who have completed second year law for positions that would commence the following year. We do, however, receive and consider written applications throughout the year to accommodate the openings that occasionally arise or a student whose circumstances dictate their consideration on a separate basis.

Summer Law Students

The deadline for submission of summer position applications is early September for the following summer. Interviews for summer positions are held annually in October during the Interview Week set by the Vancouver Bar Association.  Please check the VBA’s website for these deadlines.

Summer law student applications are generally received and considered early in the fall of the student’s second year, and include first year law school marks.