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Diversity & Inclusion

Our Commitment to Diversity:

As the exclusive member firm of Lex Mundi in British Columbia, Farris proudly adopts the Lex Mundi Diversity Vision Statement:

Lex Mundi and its member firms value diversity. We respect and embrace all people, including those of different ages, cultures, ethnicities, genders, nationalities, physical abilities, races, religious beliefs and sexual orientations. We value the experiences, knowledge and talents of all individuals in our firms and in our communities. We support and promote non discriminatory practices that advance equal treatment of, and opportunity for, all people, and encourage meaningful participation by a broad cross-section of people in our firms and in our communities.

Farris has a dedicated lawyer responsible for overseeing our diversity programs and initiatives. As part of their mandate, this lawyer monitors the attrition of diverse lawyers and the retention of our associates in order to ensure that the future of Farris reflects the diversity of our community.

Women at Farris

Woman partners at Farris regularly lead mentorship seminars and host evenings out for our female associates and students in order to provide them with the mentorship, support, and resources they need to succeed in their practice. 

Farris lawyers are also actively involved in networking and mentoring organizations which advance the role of women in business and law, such as the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs.

Farris participates in the Justicia Project, which is aimed at retaining and advancing women in private practice. Our partners serve on the Managing Partners Network Group and the Diversity Officers Working Group where they are investigating ways to improve four key areas: tracking demographics; parental leave programs; networking and business development; and mentoring and leadership development for women.

Pride at Farris

Farris is proud to support the LGBTQ community, including as sponsor of the Canadian Bar Association’s annual “Lawyers with Pride” float at the Vancouver Pride Parade.

Pro Bono work at Farris

Farris is committed to providing pro bono services to low income and otherwise disadvantaged groups, including through Access Pro Bono’s Aboriginal Law Clinic.

Farris has also provided pro bono services to a number of organizations, in our community and internationally to AIDS-Free World, an international advocacy organization committed to assisting people affected by HIV and AIDS. AIDS-Free World was co-founded by Stephen Lewis, the UN’s first Special Envoy for AIDS in Africa, who approached Farris several years ago to undertake this work.

In Our Community

Farris is committed to diversity and inclusion in our community through our support of the following organizations and professional associations:

• Legal Leaders of Diversity & Inclusion
• Federation of Asian Canadian lawyers
• Lawyers with Pride, Canadian Bar Association
• Forum for Women Entrepreneurs
• ACT Autism Community Training Society
• Justicia Project
• North Shore Restorative Justice Society
• Association of Women in Finance
• UBC Children’s and Women’s Health Centre of B.C. Research Ethics Board
• Jewish Federation of Greater Vancouver