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Summer Program


Our summer program mirrors the flexibility of our articling program. Students may seek out and receive work from any practice area. Students may prioritize gaining experience in their specific area or areas of interest.

As with articling, summering at Farris gives students the opportunity to become familiar with all areas of our practice, as well as time to focus on areas of particular interest to them. Farris offers a unique opportunity to students who want to learn the practice of law in an exciting, challenging, and supportive environment with excellent prospects for future employment.

Student Orientation

The opportunity to become thoroughly familiar with our people, facilities, and resources is fundamental to every student’s success. Therefore, Farris provides all summer and articling students with a thorough orientation program. The various components of the orientation will occur within the first week of your arrival at the firm.

Your introduction to our systems and resources will include the training necessary to ensure your proficiency with our office procedures, library and research capabilities, and our technology. We will arrange for you to tour the Vancouver Courthouse (including the BC Supreme Court and Court of Appeal Registries and Chambers) and Small Claims Court.



As with our articling program, our summer program is not focused on a strict rotation system. Our emphasis, consistent with the degree of responsibility our students assume, is to promote each individual’s exposure to a broad range of practice areas within the firm.

Our summer program is designed to provide our students with a broad range of experience. During the summer, a student is not assigned to any particular area and may seek out work from any practice area.
We believe that students benefit from extended involvement in the matters that they work on as well as continuity of exposure. Our students, therefore, continue to be involved in files that are ongoing when they change rotations. We make every effort to ensure our students experience a balanced, challenging, and fulfilling summer.

Continuing Legal Education

To complement the experience and training that students gain on files, we have designed a comprehensive seminar training program for our articling and summer students. The seminars are given by our lawyers and take place over lunches and breakfasts throughout the year. Written reference materials are also provided. This instruction provides students with practical skills and advice that will equip them to be successful at the practice of law.


Summer Projects & Events

In order to facilitate team building amongst our summer students, we organize a number of events throughout the summer for students to get a chance to know each other and the lawyers and articling students at the firm.  Examples of some of our typical summer events are:

  • Welcome lunch
  • Sporting Event Evening (ie. Whitecaps or Baseball Game)
  • Summer Social
  • Drinks every First Thursday (The Senator)
  • Summer Golf Tournament
  • Farris Mud Bowl (Farris Barristers vs. Solicitors)
  • Monthly Lawyers’ Lunch in the Lounge
  • Summer Student Charity Event
  • Student Lunch & Learn Seminar Series
  • Monthly lunches with Student Resource Team
  • Various Firm Sports Teams & Events


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