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Farris LLP: Vancouver's Law Firm

Student Support & Resources

Farris has a long history of practising law with great success at all levels, and we are dedicated to advancing that tradition through the attraction and development of the students who are our future Associates and Partners.

We believe that our student program is unique in Vancouver, and we invite you to review our website and discover the features that distinguish us from our peers.

Law Library

Our library collection is one of the largest in BC. The Farris law library contains historical statutes, law reports, and journals dating back to the early 1900s. This material provides a significant benefit to our clients, many of whom have been in business for decades.

Staffed by a full-time Law Librarian and Library Technician, our library provides access to numerous resources including Quicklaw, Lexis, LawSource, Livedgar, and a wide variety of CD Rom products. Our Library Services Team is available to provide students with ongoing training and support as required.

Law Student Offices

Unique among many firms, we aim to assign each student to a private, exterior office with a commanding view. Although law students rotate among practice areas, they usually retain their offices for the duration of their articles.


We offer a subsidized full-service cafeteria. In addition, lawyers, and law students can relax in our comfortable lounge, which is equipped with various amenities.

Compensation and Benefits


We compensate our students and associates at the top of the Vancouver salary range.


Our benefits programs for articling students are highly competitive, and include medical, dental, life insurance, AD & D, extended health, and long term disability coverage.

Tuition and Memberships

Farris pays each articling student’s

  • Salary during PLTC and the Bar Admission Course
  • Articling enrolment and bar admission fees
  • Canadian Bar Association membership fee

Summer Students

We compensate our summer students at the same level of salary as our articled students. In addition, our summer students who return to article at the firm receive third year tuition fees and a book allowance to a maximum of $6,500.

Vacation, Leave and Sabbaticals

Articled students are entitled to two weeks of paid vacation, taken at a mutually agreeable time. Leaves and sabbaticals are addressed on an individual basis. Summer students receive four (4%) percent vacation pay.

Legal Career Potential

The career opportunities at Farris are excellent, and students who have articled with us are prevalent among our Partners and Associates.

Hire Back Record

Historically, we have hired a relatively small number of law students for a law firm our size, but have hired back a high percentage of summer students as articled students, and articled students as Associates.

Hireback Ratios: Articling Students

2015-2016: 4 of 6
2014-2015: 4 of 6
2013-2014: 5 out of 11
2012-2013: 4 out of 7
2011-2012: 3 out of 5
2010-2011: 5 out of 7

Hire Back Timing

Our decision to hire back an articling student is made approximately two months before the student’s call date. We aim to communicate offers of articling positions to summer students by the last week of June.

Factors That Govern Hire Back Decisions

Our decision to hire back a student is governed by a number of factors, including performance, compatibility, potential, current need, and economic conditions. From time to time, we have hired back articling law students who have demonstrated exceptional promise, even though our needs at the time did not warrant it.

Student Support Team

Farris employs two lawyers to focus on student and associate programs – a Director of Professional Development & Marketing, and a Manager of Student Programs, who are both a continuing resource for all students at the firm.

In addition, every articling and summer student is provided with two mentors – their Principal, who is a Partner, and an Associate. Each student has one mentor from litigation or labour and one who is a solicitor.

Your mentors together with the Director and Manager are available to assist you with your legal training, professional development, and any issues or questions that you would like to discuss.

Student Feedback

Students are encouraged to have ongoing discussions about their work and experience with all lawyers in the firm.

We also have a formal review process to provide students with constructive feedback on their development. Feedback is actively sought from every lawyer who has worked with the student. Students meet with their Principal and the Manager, Student Programs to discuss these evaluations. At that time, students are encouraged to discuss their experience and opportunities to date as well as their goals for the balance of their articles.

Summer students are also provided with formal feedback and an opportunity to discuss their professional development and experience with the firm.


Social and Team Activities

Throughout the year, articling and summer students have the opportunity to attend numerous firm events. These events include: the Farris Summer Social, the Lawyers’ Summer Picnic, the Associates’ Dinner, the Farris Holiday Luncheon, and the Lawyers’ Dinner in December.

Farris encourages a collegial environment inside and outside of the office. Sports enthusiasts may join the Farris hockey or basketball teams; race at the BC Law Firm Ski Championship; or take part in the Annual Farris Golf Tournament. Events are held throughout the year such as “Farris Mud Bowl”- a game of flag football that positions Solicitors against Barristers. This year’s champions and reigning holders of the Farris Mud Bowl Trophy were the undefeated Barristers.

Farris is also actively involved in the community. We are proud to support various charities through participation in their fundraising events. We encourage our students to join our corporate teams and to participate in some of the fun events around Vancouver such as the Dragon Boat Festival, Bowling for Big Brothers, the Vancouver Sun Run, and the PMC Sierra Fun Run.