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Client Testimonials

“We choose the best counsel around…Farris has the confidence to make business decisions and not just give legal advice.”

– Shelley Lanza, Executive VP & General Counsel, Starbucks

“Farris did an outstanding job guiding us from the investigative stage through the difficult hearing to a successful and precedent setting conclusion in Canada’s first Facebook termination case.”

– Scott Jones, Dealer Principal, West Coast Mazda

“Farris lawyers have been an integral part of our newsroom for decades. They bring a common-sense approach to what is otherwise an esoteric area of the law.”

– Patricia Graham, Editor-in-Chief, The Vancouver Sun

“Absolutely outstanding job to achieve a smooth and successful closing.  I look forward to recommending your firm to others.”

– J. William Freytag, Ph.D. Chairman & CEO, Aspreva Pharmaceuticals Corporation

“I would describe them as a high performance law firm…they are extremely hard-working.”

– David Unruh, retired Vice Chair, Westcoast Energy Inc.

“If we go to Switzerland or Japan, we take a Farris lawyer with us.  It is unusual to find a local firm that can act globally.”

– Kenneth Galbraith, former CFO at QLT, Inc.

“Farris lawyers operate on a different level.  Very entrepreneurial, non-textbook, and creative.  They’re the Armani suit.”

– Don Enns, President & CEO, Cantest Ltd.