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18 November 2014

Yahoo! News interviews Farris Partner Mike Wagner

Mike Wagner was interviewed for a recent Yahoo! Canada News article focusing on the modern phenomenon of cyberbullying, and on whether current laws governing publication of young victims’ names are workable.  While current law prohibits anyone from publishing the names of underage victims, that law is often violated by the victims themselves and their supporters.  In the Yahoo! article, Mr. Wagner described some of the difficulties with the current state of the law, in light of modern communications and the prevalence of social media. 

Mr. Wagner practices commercial litigation and media law.  He and other members of the Farris Media, Internet, Privacy and FOI Group frequently act for national and local media in respect of matters involving freedom of the press, privacy, and court reporting.  Mr. Wagner’s practice includes extensive experience litigating publication ban matters.

A link to the full Yahoo! article can be found here.

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