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04 May 2009

Sarah Louw Appears as Guest Speaker

Farris’s Associate, Sarah Louw, has recently returned from Tanzania after completing an internship with the CBA Young Professionals International Program. As part of her internship, Sarah co-authored the recently released Tanzania Human Rights Report 2008. The report, which was officially launched in April 2009, examines and provides an analysis of the state of human rights in Tanzania.

A survey was conducted in various regions across Tanzania Mainland and the Isles under which more than 60 laws, over 10 cases, 20 policies, and 50 Human Rights instruments were reviewed. The report concluded that among those people surveyed, 81.7 % were in favour of abolishing the death penalty. The report also calls for more to be done to address the problem of corruption, if scandals that surfaced last year are any indication.

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