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23 September 2011

Ross Langford Chairs $100M Fundraising Campaign at UBC Okanagan

Kelowna Partner and UBC Alumnus, Ross Langford will chair UBC Okanagan’s newly-launched $100 million fundraising campaign: Start an Evolution.


It is the biggest campaign ever to be staged in the BC interior, and Langford heads the campaign cabinet, which represents the Okanagan as well as Calgary. Efforts to date have already raised $52 million towards the overall campaign goal, which include more than 25 specific initiatives.

“Our campaign is like no other in Canada, in that our goal is not simply to raise funds for the University, but also to raise energy in the form of alumni engagement and personal involvement in our broader community,” says Langford.

“The campaign will propel UBC into innovative community partnerships and a fresh phase of development after the initial six-year buildout of the Okanagan campus. Together, these elements will create a momentum to carry us far beyond the end of this campaign, into a stronger, brighter future for UBC’s Okanagan campus and its ability to influence the world we serve,” Langford adds.

Start an evolution is part of a larger campaign for UBC that will be announced next week in Vancouver. Further announcements about the Okanagan campaign will be made as milestones are achieved.

UBC President Stephen Toope says the university has a major role to play in educating citizens and growing as a global centre of research excellence: “As one of the world’s top-ranked universities, UBC is already at the forefront of many of the major issues facing us today,” says Toope.

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