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08 March 2017

Robert Anderson, Q.C. and Mike Wagner obtain class proceeding certification involving gas fireplaces

On February 22, 2017 the B.C. Supreme Court certified a proposed class proceeding regarding glass fronted gas fireplaces, inserts or stoves (the “Fireplaces”) which were developed, designed, tested, distributed, supplied, marketed, advertised and/or sold by a number of Defendants. 

The Court certified two classes of plaintiffs: first, a “Consumer Class” comprising all persons in British Columbia and all others in Canada who opt-in to the proceeding, and who own or lease private property where a Fireplace was installed.  The claims by the Consumer Class against the defendants include negligence, breach of the Business Practices and Consumer Protection Act, and punitive and exemplary damages.  Second, the Court certified claims under the Health Care Costs Recovery Act, regarding the health care costs of injuries suffered by persons in B.C.

Farris partners Robert Anderson, Q.C. and Mike Wagner represent the plaintiff class. 

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