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13 February 2015

Nikki Charlton Successfully Represents Local Father in Hotly Contested Family Law Case

Farris partner Nikki Charlton, assisted by associate Celeste Chamberlain, recently successfully represented a Vancouver father in a hotly contested family law case in the Supreme Court of British Columbia. The mother wished to pursue a career opportunity in Minnesota, and to allow her to do so, had applied to Court for permission to relocate there with the parties’ two year old daughter. The father, unable to move to Minnesota, argued that it was in their daughter’s best interests to remain in Vancouver. The judge agreed with the father that the daughter should remain in Vancouver in order to protect to the greatest extent possible her psycho-emotional development and well-being. The judge further agreed with the father that an equal shared-parenting arrangement was appropriate, to be achieved within 18 months of the date of his judgment.

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