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16 March 2011

Media Tributes to the Honourable Donald Brenner, Q.C.

Tributes to the Honourable Donald Brenner, Q.C. are currently being released.

Local newspaper, The Province, referred to Don Brenner as “a giant of B.C.’s legal scene,” while the Vancouver Sun remembered a “witty, urbane, and erudite conversationalist” who was “the man most responsible for reforming the province’s top trial bench.”

Vancouver Observer blogger Daniel Veniez writes in The Centrist, “Don was a class act in every way. He was a distinguished man with a wonderful sense of humour. He exuded a sense of competence and confidence, and profound inner strength.”

Nationally, the Globe & Mail quoted Chief Justice Robert Bauman as saying that Don was “a superb mediator with astute business and financial judgment.”

Former Attorney-General of British Columbia, Wally Oppal, who also served as a Supreme Court Justice under Don Brenner, has been widely quoted: “He provided a quiet, firm leadership, and he was highly respected by the judges and the members of the Bar.” Oppal, who said he recently had coffee with Don, added, “I am going to really miss him.”

Bill Good of The Bill Good Show on CKNW AM980 speaks about Don Brenner. To listen to the audio clip, please click here.

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