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01 November 2013

Ludmila Herbst Presents at ADRIC/ICC 2013 Conference: Gold Standard ADR

On October 24, 2013 Farris partner Ludmila Herbst presented in Toronto at the combined 2013 conference (Gold Standard ADR) of the ADR Institute of Canada and the International Chamber of Commerce Canada.  Ms. Herbst, who is the co-author of Commercial Arbitration in Canada: A Guide to Domestic and International Arbitrations, spoke as part of a panel on Renewing the Pillars of Domestic Arbitration ‐ New Canadian Arbitration Laws and New ADRIC Rules, dealing specifically with the availability of appeals from domestic commercial arbitration awards.  The two-day conference, of which Farris was a sponsor, brought together leading practitioners of and commentators on alternative dispute resolution, including the Honourable Mr. Justice Ian Binnie, the Honourable Bob Rae, Yves Fortier, the Honourable Marc Lalonde, and many others.

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