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08 May 2017

Ludmila Herbst and Nav Shukla Speak at CLEBC Real Property Assessment and Taxation Conference

Farris litigators Ludmila Herbst, Q.C., and Nav Shukla presented at the Continuing Legal Education Society’s Real Property Assessment and Taxation Conference on May 5, 2017.  They spoke on classifying properties (as residential, business and other, farm, etc.), with a particular focus on the classification of development properties.  Classification is a central component in property assessment, a key determinant in how much property tax is paid, and an issue that Ludmila and Nav frequently deal with in the property assessment cases they argue before the Property Assessment Appeal Board and the courts.  Their presentation also addressed property transfer tax on “foreign buyers” in relation to “residential properties”, which are generally defined with reference to the “residential” classification applied in the real property assessment context.

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