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23 April 2015

Herbst and Tomchak on Faculty of CLEBC’s Shareholders’ Disputes 2015 Conference

Farris litigator Ludmila Herbst spoke on a panel on “ADR and Shareholders’ Disputes” at CLEBC’s Shareholders’ Disputes 2015 Conference held on April 22, 2015.  Ms. Herbst and Farris partner Teresa Tomchak also prepared a companion paper entitled “Arbitration-Related Considerations in the Context of Shareholder Disputes”.  Ms. Tomchak has extensive experience in securities litigation and regulation.  Ms. Herbst has extensive experience in both commercial litigation and arbitration, and is the co-author of Commercial Arbitration in Canada: A Guide to Domestic and International Arbitrations, a leading text which has been cited by courts across Canada. Both Ms. Herbst and Ms. Tomchak are co-authors of the award winning text, British Columbia Business Disputes.

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