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10 November 2014

Herbst and Baidwan Successfully Represent Taxpayers in Headline-Grabbing Property Assessment Case

Farris partner Ludmila Herbst, assisted by Farris associate Nav Baidwan, successfully represented the taxpayers in their headline-grabbing appeal before the Property Assessment Appeal Board.  The taxpayers, which are related to Amacon, own development properties in downtown Vancouver and challenged the classification of those properties as 100% commercial, seeking a split classification instead.  The Board agreed with the taxpayers, and a copy of its September 2014 decision is attached.  Among the news coverage, some of which includes commentary by Amacon’s property tax consultant, Paul Sullivan, are the following articles from Business in Vancouver and The Vancouver Sun:

A Property Assessment Appeal Board (PAAB) ruling could dramatically lower taxes for commercial tenants and real estate developers across British Columbia.

Tax precedent for a big developer will save megabucks for some small Vancouver businesses.

BC Assessment has appealed the decision to the BC Supreme Court.

Ludmila and Nav have acted in numerous property assessment cases and provide property assessment advice more generally.  They have also written on the topic and Ludmila is a regular presenter on property assessment issues.

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