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03 December 2009

Hector MacKay-Dunn, Q.C. Represents LEEF at the Announcement of the Julia Levy B.C. Leadership Chair

Pictured above are Hector MacKay-Dunn, Q.C., the Honourable Iain Black, Dr. Kevin Gregory-Evans and the Platform Party [L-R, Hector MacKay-Dunn, Q.C., Robert Gillon, Dr. Gregory-Evans, Dr. Julia Levy, the Honourable Iain Black, Prof. Stephen Toope, and Dr. Fred Mikelberg]

On Wednesday, December 2, Farris Senior Partner Hector MacKay-Dunn, Q.C. as the Leading Edge Endowment Fund Board Representative (LEEF) attended the announcement by the Honourable Iain Black, minister of small business, technology and economic development, that Dr. Kevin Gregory-Evans has been appointed the Julia Levy B.C. Leadership Chair in macular research at the University of British Columbia.

The Julia Levy B.C. (LEEF) Leadership Chair is funded by the Province’s Leading Edge Endowment Fund, UBC and QLT Inc., which originated as a UBC spinoff company co-founded by Levy.

QLT developed Visudyne, the first macular degeneration breakthrough, which uses a combination of drugs and laser therapy to treat patients around the world. The Province through the $56.25-million Leading Edge Enowment Fund provided $2.25 million to endow the chair permanently. UBC has contributed $500,000 from previous QLT royalty payments, and QLT will co-fund the balance for a total endowment of $4.5 million.

[Photo courtesy of Martin Dee/University of British Columbia]

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