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19 April 2012

Farris Sponsors Annual UBC Law Trike Race

On March 23rd, Farris sponsored UBC Law’s Trike Race, the most anticipated and celebrated tradition of the year.  Students thoroughly enjoyed the last social event of the academic year with a student barbeque and a memorable Trike Race won by an all-woman team.  The “Tricykillers” endured hailing water balloons, flung by fellow law students, to dethrone the long-reigning rugby champions. This year’s theme “I Want 2 Ride My Tricycle” was inspired by the popular Queen’s song, “I Want to Ride My Bicycle.”

As Andrea Lejay, Student Affairs Representative, UBC Law describes:

“The day began with water balloons – two thousand of them to be exact. Volunteers stood at every fountain filling them up with speed, precision, and a lot of splashing.  Over burgers and beverages, upper year students and Farris representatives regaled us with epic tales of Trike Races past. Soon enough, it was time for this year’s Trike Race to begin. Nothing could have prepared us for what ensued: costumes, a hail of water balloons, and racing so fierce it shattered the strongest tricycles. For all students, it was a memorable and much-needed break from the books. Thank you to Farris for keeping this longstanding UBC tradition alive.”

UBC Law Trike Race

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