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22 November 2013

Farris Partners Mitch Gropper Q.C. & Hector MacKay-Dunn Q.C. Contribute to New Governance Report

A Canadian Model of Corporate Governance: Insights from Canada’s Leading Legal Practitioners

This qualitative study brings together some of the top corporate legal minds in Canada to opine on the fundamental principles that are driving the development of Canadian corporate governance today. Interviews were conducted with 32 leading senior legal practitioners across Canada, who spoke candidly on matters involving shareholder primacy, director duties, stakeholder interests, common law and the courts, regulatory bodies, and the future trajectory of Canadian corporate governance, among other things. The observations from these senior practitioners provide a pulse check on the dynamic field of Canadian corporate governance. Taken within the context of today’s legal and regulatory environment, their insights piece together the framework of a Canadian model of corporate governance to further director knowledge and help inform future research. Quote from a top practitioner on the report: “A fascinating reflection of the practical view of legal theory.”

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