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04 January 2016

Farris Lawyers intervening in litigation concerning Trinity Western University’s proposed law school

Tim Dickson, Arden Beddoes and Catherine George are intervening at the Nova Scotia and Ontario Courts of Appeal on behalf of the Canadian Secular Alliance, which opposes the accreditation of Trinity Western University’s proposed law school. TWU would require students to sign a Covenant affirming that they will not engage in certain behaviours considered contrary to evangelical Christian beliefs, including engaging in LGBTQ sexual activities. TWU asserts that various law societies’ refusals to accredit it because of the Covenant requirement violates its freedom of religion under section 2(a) of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The Canadian Secular Alliance takes the position that freedom of religion is not engaged in these circumstances because, among other things, freedom of religion does not protect practices which seek to restrain the behaviour of others on religious grounds, and the Covenant requirement is not a religious practice.

A copy of the Canadian Secular Alliance’s factum in the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal can be found here.

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