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23 September 2009

David Emerson Proposes Strategy for a Global Intellectual Economy in Vancouver Sun Special

David Emerson, Senior Advisor to Farris and a former federal cabinet minister, has authored a Special to the Sun, entitled “Making Canada a Leader in the Global Knowledge Economy: Scientific, Business communities must work with international counterparts,” which appeared in the September 9, 2009 issue of the Vancouver Sun newspaper.

This timely and powerful editorial proposes a myriad of strategies to help Canadian businesses succeed in an evolving, ever-changing global economy. In the article, Mr. Emerson highlights key issues that pertain to emerging growth companies, particularly those in the Technology Industry, recommending we build deeper connections with complementary science and research clusters in other countries in order to put our companies in a stronger position.

Mr Emerson also calls for the development of “framework arrangements with big and emerging market economies that enable protection of intellectual property, support international mobility of skilled people, and protect and encourage two-way investments.” He writes, “We have to blend global knowledge with our local innovative capacity to develop technologies and companies that can grow and thrive long term here in Canada.”

To read the complete special, please click here.

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