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17 June 2009

David Emerson, P.C. Appears in the Vancouver Sun

On Tuesday, June 16th, Farris Senior Advisor, David Emerson, P.C. addressed the issue of U.S. Isolationism at a Business Council of B.C. summit in Vancouver. He spoke along with fellow panellists David McLean, Colin Robertson and moderator Carole Taylor. Derrick Penner’s article in the Vancouver Sun, titled Fight U.S. Isolationism with Olympics, senior analyst urges, summarizes the panel discussion.

David Emerson, the former federal cabinet minister, civil servant and corporate CEO, said the “erosion of the NAFTA narrative,” particularly since 9/11, is one of the crucial issues that B.C. and Canada need to focus on.

Emerson said that with NAFTA, Canada can sell itself to the world as being not just a small market of 33 million people, but a segment of the North American market of 440 million. [He] said he believes the first task Canada and the U.S. should undertake is to hold North America together as a more united economy.

To read the complete article, please click on the following attachment.

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