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06 December 2017

Chris Wiebe and Ryan Neely Present at US Workplace Law Conference with Fisher Phillips, LLP

On December 5th, Chris Wiebe and Ryan Neely, presenting alongside Davis Bae, Regional Managing Partner for Fisher Phillips, LLP, advised attendees on current hot topics and updates to Canadian Immigration and Employment law at a US Workplace Law Seminar hosted by the Seattle office of Fisher Phillips, LLP.  Aimed at expanding the knowledge base of managers of US Operations with Cross Border operations or plans for same, Chris and Ryan discussed issues and insights around doing business in Canada with an eye toward immigration considerations and local employment law concerns.  In the face of a rapidly changing regulatory landscape—from Immigration policy contraction to renegotiations of key international trade deals—US businesses are frequently considering expanding north of the border.  For many corporations, changes in immigration policy has led to opening new business opportunities and offering safe haven for key foreign national employees who have timed out of H1-B options, or who are facing increasing travel restrictions.  Chris Wiebe is a Partner with the labour & employment group and Ryan Neely is Associate Counsel and Immigration Head.

Please click here for a photo from the presentation. Pictured left to right: Davis Bae, Ryan Neely and Chris Wiebe.

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