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06 February 2018

Amanda Winters successfully defends appeal of order varying client’s support obligations

On February 6, 2018, the British Columbia Court of Appeal released a judgment in favour of a client of Farris’ Family Law Group, dismissing an appeal of an order to vary child and spousal support. In March 2017, the Chambers Judge varied an existing order for support, on the basis that the father had experienced a material change in his circumstances. The appeal was heard on January 19, 2018, with the appellant arguing that the Chambers Judge made several errors of fact, and erred by varying the amount of support due without also varying duration. In argument, Ms. Winters highlighted for the Court evidence to support the impugned findings of fact made by the Chambers Judge. Her argument regarding the issue of duration of support was quoted by the Court in its reasons for judgment. The appeal, and the appellant’s application to adduce fresh evidence, were dismissed, with costs awarded to Farris’ client.

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