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21 October 2009

Al Hudec’s Client Dr. Bradley Buckham Wins BCIC’s Entrepreneurship Fellow Award

On October 19, a client of Farris Partner Al Hudec, SyncWave Systems Inc, was recognized by the BC Innovation Council at its Connect ‘09 Event.

Farris congratulates Dr. Bradley Buckham, who is the co-inventor of SyncWave Systems Inc.‘s SyncWave Power Resonator, which harnesses wave energy for sustainable power generation. Dr. Buckham is a Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Victoria and was awarded the BC Innovation Council’s Entrepreneurship Fellow Award.

The Enrepreneurial Fellow Award is presented to a faculty member at a BC postsecondary institution who is a leader in technology innovation and commercialization, and Dr. Buckham’s entrepreneurship has helped to place BC at the forefront of global marine knowledge and technology development.

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