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31 May 2018

Al Hudec speaks on reform of Canadian environmental assessment and energy regulatory regimes

Al Hudec spoke recently at the Canada Gas & LNG Conference held in Vancouver, BC on May 16,2018.  Al’s presentation focused on the currently proposed reforms to the Canadian federal environmental assessment and energy regulatory regimes.  The reforms, contained in Bill C-69, will increase the scope of review of major projects beyond environmental impacts to a more holistic assessment including economic, social, health and gender impacts; including a sustainability test and an assessment of the impact of project on the ability of Canada to achieve its international climate change commitments.  A significant increase in Indigenous involvement is contemplated.  The reforms are very responsive to the desire of various interest groups to restore public confidence in the integrity, inclusiveness and thoroughness of the assessment process for major energy infrastructure projects;  but are likely to increase already unacceptably long regulatory timelines and increase regulatory uncertainty for industry.  A copy of Al’s presentation is available here.


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