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01 March 2012

Al Hudec Speaks at Annual Wine Law Seminar

Farris partner Al Hudec presented at the Third Annual Seminar on Wine Law in British Columbia on February 27th, 2012. The seminar was held in conjunction with the Vancouver Playhouse International Wine Festival.
The Vancouver Playhouse International Wine Festival is aimed at wine distributors, producers, vineyard operators and advisors interested in the economic and legal challenges unique to the wine industry.

In his presentation titled “Reforming BC Liquor Laws”, Al discusses the historical development of regulatory policy, BC’s licensing structures and taxation levels in comparison with other jurisdictions, and the current regulations imposed on liquor manufacturers, suppliers and distributors. Furthermore, Al highlights key industry changes and business implications if the liquor laws are to undergo the suggested reform.

Al expands on this topic within his article, “B.C.’s liquor laws need to change”, featured in the February 27th, 2012 edition of The Vancouver Sun. He suggests that the privatization of BC’s liquor distribution warehouses will “reduce the $300-million cost incurred by LDB”, equate the prices of liquor sold in private and government stores, and decrease delivery times for orders.

Al states, “The B.C. government needs to get out of the business of selecting, distributing and selling liquor in the province, and focus on tax collection and the enforcement of health and safety regulation of the liquor industry.”

To view the presentation materials, please click here.

To view the article, please click here.

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