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08 October 2009

Al Hudec Quoted in Vancouver Sun Article About Re-labeling of Bulk Wines

Farris Partner Al Hudec has been quoted in a Vancouver Sun article by Gordon Hamilton, entitled “Winemakers pledge to end confusion over bulk wine labels.” The article, which was published on September 30, 2009, discusses the recent controversy over bulk import wines being labelled as BC wines, despite not being required to contain any BC grapes.

In response to the uproar, two of Canada’s largest winemakers said Thursday they are going to change the labeling of their bulk import wines in response to consumer backlash over their being sold as B.C. wine. In response to this move, Al Hudec, a wine lover who follows the B.C. Wine Law industry closely, said the major companies had a lot to lose by not acting quickly. “I applaud it. I really applaud it,” he said of the pledges to re-label the wines. “When consumers focused on it, I think they were offended by the confusion.”

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