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14 February 2017

Al Hudec presents on US trade challenge of BC’s wine policy and on “Cellared in Canada” Controversy

Al Hudec made two presentations at the 8th Annual Wine & Liquor Law Seminar in Vancouver on February 14, 2017. The Seminar is held annually in conjunction with the Vancouver International Wine Festival.

Al’s presentation on the current GATT trade dispute focused on the arguments available to Canada in defending against the US trade action, and on the preferred terms of a negotiated settlement which would permit California wine producers access to the British Columbia grocery store channel while at the same time protecting the legitimate interests of domestic producers.

His presentation on the ‘Cellared-in-Canada’ controversy focused on the history of the debate and the recent solution proposed by the Canadian Vintners Association to replace the “Cellared in Canada” designation for international-Canadian blended products with the designation “blended from international and domestic wines”. 

To view copies of the presentations click here and here.

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