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30 September 2008

Mitchell Gropper, Q.C. Appears in Globe & Mail

Mitch Gropper, a partner at Farris, appears in the September 30, 2008 Globe and Mail News in an article titled, “Firestorms, black clouds and silver linings” by Jacquie Mcnish. First you call your broker. Then your lawyer. With financial and political storms pounding the business landscape, the Law Page turned to some of the country’s most seasoned corporate lawyers to ask them what lies ahead. They don’t paint a pretty picture. Each agreed this is the worst financial crisis since the Depression. They are girding clients and partners for a potentially prolonged recession, wicked credit conditions, corporate failures and even consolidation in the legal profession. But it isn’t all bad news. Yes, the new transaction boom will involve wrenching corporate restructurings. And yes, there will be more lawsuits. But there are also opportunities out there for sound companies that had the wisdom to conserve cash and wait for the emergence of a deeply discounted market where cash rich buyers will rule. To read full story, please click here. To download the article, download the PDF file here.

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