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26 June 2007

Hector Mackay-Dunn, Q.C. Guest Speaker at Sfu

On June 25th, Farris senior partner, Hector MacKay-Dunn, Q.C. was a guest lecturer at the Management of Technology MBA program at the Segal Graduate School of Business, Simon Fraser University. Hector’s lecture was on “Building and Protecting the Assets of Biotechnology and Legal Consideration of the Biotech Industry”. Course Instructor, Malcolm Kendall, said “I can’t thank Hector enough for taking precious time out of his evening to come in and talk to my class. The legal aspects of biotech have never been more interesting and the class loved his talk. I wanted someone who had a combination of experience, expertise, and charisma to lead this lecture and was delighted when Hector agreed to present.” Malcolm Kendall is Senior Vice President, Asia Life Venture Consulting Inc. To read more about the course, BUS 776 THE BUSINESS OF BIOTECH, download the PDF file here.

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