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21 January 2008

Hector Mackay-Dunn, Q.C. Appointed Director of Tennis Canada

Farris Partner Hector MacKay-Dunn, Q.C., was recently appointed to the Board of Directors for Tennis Canada. Hector is a passionate tennis supporter, an avid fan and enthusiastic player. This combined with his 30 years as a leading Canadian lawyer and strategic advisor to his clients, made for a perfect fit for Tennis Canada. For the past 3 years, Hector has played (singles and doubles) in various local and provincial tournaments and in the Metro Label National Seniors Outdoor Tournament (2005 Saskatoon; 2007 Vancouver). In March this year, Farris is the event sponsor of the BC Seniors Women’s Tennis Association (BCSWTA) Annual Doubles Tournament. View Tennis Canada’s Board of Directors here.

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