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31 January 2009

Al Hudec Presents BCE Deal Workshop

Al Hudec, a partner at Farris, presented the workshop “The BCE Deal: What has Changed for Boards” on December 2, 2008 at an Insight Conference held at The TELUS Convention Centre in Calgary. To see Al’s presentation download the PDF file here. Background The $52 billion dollar buyout of BCE is the largest takeover in Canada and the largest leveraged buyout in history. The trial involved thousands of pages of exhibits and affidavits, more than 30 witnesses, including 11 experts, and more than one thousand pages of written argument. The speed of the litigation was unprecedented, even more so in light of the volume of material: from trial to Supreme Court judgment in 7 months. This session will address lessons learned from the BCE experience, including topics relevant to the Boards of target companies that are likely to be addressed in the Supreme Court’s reasons when released.

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