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02 December 2008

Al Hudec Appears in the Globe and Mail Newspaper

Al Hudec, a Partner at Farris, authored the article BCE and the Lessons Learned that appeared in yesterday’s Globe and Mail newspaper. Here is an extract from the article: So this is where our story ends the deal with nine lives finally takes a fatal bullet. Now that the long and tortured saga of BCE Inc. appears to be over, what lessons have we learned? The first and most important lesson is that it’s never over until it’s over. I suppose it’s possible that yet another deal-changing event could save the $35-billion sale of BCE to the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan and its partners. After all, there have been so many twists during the past two years that I suppose there is always that slim possibility that something flies out of left field again to change the deal’s prospects before the closing deadline on Dec. 11. About the only shot BCE has left is to convince KPMG that its valuation team got it wrong… To continue reading the article, please click here, or download the PDF file here.

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