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John M Hughes

John M. Hughes

Manager, Office Services

Telephone: 604 661 1719

Email: jhughes@farris.com


John has been working in the legal industry for 26 years, beginning in 1983 with a Vancouver based litigation firm. He was initially hired to assist the Office Administrator with an office expansion project, and on completion was asked to stay with the firm permanently as Office Services Manager. After 17 years with this law firm, John joined the management team at Farris and has been working in the capacity of Manager, Office Services since 2000.

Reporting to the Chief Operating Officer, John’s core responsibility is to facilitate the firm’s services function ensuring an environment of high quality, speed, and efficiency. Other areas include facilities management, purchase and inventory control, office safety and security, central filing, catering and hostess services, courier service, reproduction and trial preparation, and internal office relocation.