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Expropriation Law

Farris lawyers have considerable expertise in the area of expropriation law.

We act primarily on behalf of expropriating authorities, advising generally with respect to issues concerning the nature and scope of statutory powers of expropriation, requirements for lawful expropriation, and compensation. We have conducted numerous expropriations, from initial acquisition procedures through to the final determination of compensation at hearings.

We have acted on behalf of British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority, FortisBC Inc., City of Vancouver, Metro Vancouver (Greater Vancouver Regional District, Greater Vancouver Water District, and Greater Vancouver Sewerage and Drainage District) on expropriations in connection with a wide variety of infrastructure and public works projects. We have also represented numerous landowners whose interests have been expropriated.

In these capacities we have appeared in the British Columbia Supreme Court, the British Columbia Court of Appeal, and before the Expropriation Compensation Board (prior to its dissolution). Please also see Municipal Law.

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