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Family Law

Farris’ Matrimonial Law group, based in Vancouver, offers service in all areas related to family law.

Our lawyers focus particularly on complex financial issues related to relationship breakdown, and we advise and represent clients in all matters relating to custody, access, child and adult guardianship, property division, estate and trust issues, child and spousal support, and divorce, as well as the drafting of co-habitation agreements, marriage agreements, separation agreements, and asset protection agreements. In order to fully assist and advise our clients in all areas of matrimonial law, we also serve their individual needs through other practice groups within our firm.

Our group offers a wide range of services, and we adopt an approach that is most suited to our clients’ needs and the circumstances of each individual case. The lawyers in our group have a wealth of experience at every level of court in British Columbia, and have participated with clients in mediation and negotiation in order to resolve disputes ranging from the simple to the complex. In addition to litigation, mediation, and negotiation, our group offers a collaborative law approach, a new process in family law dispute resolution that brings together family law lawyers and other professionals such as financial advisors and counsellors to help couples reach settlements without going to court.

The lawyers in our Matrimonial Law group are members of the Family Law subsection of the Canadian Bar Association, and of the Trial Lawyers’ Association of British Columbia, and have been recognized by various publications and institutions in Canada and globally for their legal abilities in the field of matrimonial law.

Our Lawyers

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Jeffrey J. Kay, Q.C. Managing Partner jkay@farris.com 604 661 9321
Anna Laing Partner alaing@farris.com 604 661 1748
Karen Shirley-Paterson Partner kspaterson@farris.com 604 661 9385
Dylana R. Bloor Partner dbloor@farris.com 250 869 3870
Nikki L. Charlton Partner ncharlton@farris.com 604 661 9396
Stacey Silber Associate Counsel ssilber@farris.com 604 661 9342
Matthew T. Ostrow Associate mostrow@farris.com 604 661 9352
Yun Li-Reilly Associate yli-reilly@farris.com 604 661 9353
Amanda Winters Associate awinters@farris.com 604 661 9315
Roja Safartabar Associate rsafartabar@farris.com 604 661 9312
Wayne N. Fernandes Associate wfernandes@farris.com 604 661 9309