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Competition Law in Canada is the responsibility of the Federal Government, and the principal piece of legislation is the Competition Act.

The Competition Act (the “Act”) contains civil provisions relating to such areas as mergers and acquisitions, abuse of dominant position, competitor agreements (including joint ventures and strategic alliances), price maintenance, tied selling, refusal to deal, and other anti-competitive trade practices. The Act also contains criminal provisions prohibiting such practices as deceptive marketing practices (including such activities as deceptive telemarketing), conspiracies and bid rigging.

Farris is involved in Canadian competition law matters on a regular basis for our commercial clients, and also has extensive experience related to inquiries by the Commissioner of Competition under the Act, including appearances before the Competition Tribunal and in the Federal Court of Canada. We offer advice to our clients on all areas covered by the Competition Act, negotiate on behalf of clients with the Competition Bureau concerning proposed mergers and acquisitions, and have been involved in a number of major lawsuits involving allegations of anti-competitive practices. We have the expertise to provide our clients with on-going advice on compliance issues.

We frequently advise our clients on the most complex merger and acquisition issues arising under the Act.

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