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Farris lawyers act for a number of clients in the forestry sector on issues ranging from corporate matters, environmental liability and due diligence, and labour, to matters pertaining to the Softwood Lumber Agreement, WTO, and NAFTA (please see Keith Mitchell, Q.C.).

Our Lawyers

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A. Keith Mitchell, Q.C. Partner kmitchell@farris.com 604 661 9337
Robert S. Anderson, Q.C. Partner randerson@farris.com 604 661 9372
Mitchell H. Gropper, Q.C. Partner mgropper@farris.com 604 661 9322
Scott A. Dawson Partner sdawson@farris.com 604 661 9354
Robert J. McDonell Partner rmcdonell@farris.com 604 661 9371
Albert J. Hudec Partner ahudec@farris.com 604 661 9356
Ronald A. Chin Associate rchin@farris.com 604 661 9333