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Farris LLP: Vancouver's Law Firm

Our Culture

Farris is a different kind of law firm. Our culture is best described by the qualities we believe make us unique.

A Blend of Tradition and Innovation

The success of our firm has only one measure: the success of the clients we serve. At Farris, we have long been guided by a tradition of doing the best we can for our clients by doing great work. This tradition continues to serve as our foundation – and our inspiration.

Today, doing great work for our clients means advancing our position as knowledgeable, multi-disciplinary service providers with global competence. Our lawyers continue to demonstrate their qualities as innovative strategists, and their ability to manage the complexities of emerging industries, advancing technology, and international economies to maximum advantage.

Our People

Our lawyers, students, and staff share a common goal – excellence in all that we do. We expect nothing less than each other’s best efforts at all times, and vigorously foster an environment that encourages the individual and supports the team. The unique qualities that each individual brings to the collective effort are fundamental to the continued success of our firm and its clients, and we proudly acknowledge their contributions to our past and to our future.

Our Structure

Our capacity to manoeuvre quickly reflects an equally efficient internal structure. Our firm is managed by a small number of committees, enabling us to concentrate on our clients and our work. That means minimal committee meetings, no billable hour budgets, and few Partner meetings.

Our unique Partner admission policy – encouraging our Associates to approach us when they believe they are ready for partnership – further exemplifies an environment that is unencumbered by formalities and bureaucracy.